Pokemon Go Is a Good Thing, But Not the Best Thing

Pokemon Go Is a Good Thing, But Not the Best Thing

Pokemon is single greatest thing since cars were invented that are forcing people to get outside and walking again.  I walk  or bike to church nearly every day (a whole 17 minutes walking and less than 7 on my bike) and I’ve run into people who I’ve never seen before.  Indianola feels like a community, with actual people and not just cars.  It’s great.

Yet, Pokemon won’t do anything for us eternally.  For that, we need the Gospel.  Pokemon is a great tool, but can also just be another distraction.

Luke 10:38-42 describes a situation where Martha, a resident of a small community known as Bethany, is distracted by many things.  In 2016, we can be distracted by Pokemon, taking care of our cars, meeting with friends, or even cooking a meal for church.  All of those things aren’t bad in and of themselves, but if they take our focus off of the one thing needful, then they are distractions.  The one thing needful by the way is the Gospel that tells us that Jesus didn’t get distracted while He was accomplishing His mission on earth to save us.  That’s the best thing.

Let’s pray that Pokemon will bring some people our way to find our church building.  But then let’s go out and meet them with the Gospel and we’ll let the Holy Spirit do the work of catching them and bringing them into God’s Kingdom.

Pokemon Go church sign
No Vaporeon at church, or any other rare Pokemon. But we do have something more rare and valuable: the Gospel.
Pokemon Church Sign
Hard to catch Pokemon is how God feels trying to get you in church.